next life, Dreaming is a practice in surrendering, in process/ing, in trying to stay present amidst so much grief, in dreaming new lives. I finished weaving these skins in early lockdown, March-May 2020 in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. I carried these skins with me, continuing to work on them on my cross-country drive to Oakland Ca, to Santa Cruz, and to Washington state when evacuating wildfires. 


Jules and I played with the skins on Lake Wenatchee and Jeanne danced with the skins in the ashes when we returned to Bonny Doon.

Britt and I processed and dreamt together in a Zoom conversation and Flux Factory exhibited this work during Nobody’s Fashion Week October 2020.


weaving/dreaming/creative direction: alyssa carter

video creation/direction: jules robin feeney

dancer: jeanne feeney

thought partners: jules feeney and brittany jurene camacho

"If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it" Toni Morrison