tender headed: a priori forms of intuition

“Bodies are places of existence, and nothing exists without a place, a there, a “here,” a “here is,” or a this. The body-place isn’t full or empty, since it does not have an outside or an inside, any more than it has parts, a totality of functions, or finality...it is a skin, variously folded, refolded, unfolded, multiplied, invaginated, exogastrulated, orificed, evasive, invaded, stretched, relaxed, excited, distressed, tied, untied, in these and thousands of other ways, the body makes a room for existence (no “a priori forms of intuition” here, no “table of categories”: the transcendental resides in an indefinite modification and spacious modulation of skin). More precisely, it makes room for the fact that the essence of existence is to be without any existence.”

Woven, printed, and installed for my senior studio art thesis exhibition at Colorado College. This show was on display March 26-April 6, 2018.

above: "red power ranger"
above: "Bust of Corpus Black"
above: the last white one
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