the three fates

The models are wearing costumes that I loosely double wove on a hand-made loom, then held together using bookbinding glue and a variety of thin papers. These are meant to suggest a skin that is being shed, a skin that was never compatible in the first place. These costumes are a re-imagination of the witches, in Macbeth, which are often said to be inspired by the Three Fates in Greek and Roman Mythology. Some of these skins have been used to make etchings and screen prints, so they have a brown soft ground coating, or black ink on them.


May 2018

Creative Direction - alyssa denay carter

Costume Design - alyssa denay carter

Photography - Mae Eskenazi

Models - Meron Afutu, Brittany J. Camacho, Salem Tewelde

"the holiest trinity"
                 © alyssa denay carter all rights reserved
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